Minimally framed sliding doors

minimally framed sliding doors

sliding doors with minimal frameArchitectural Vision Systems specialises in minimally framed sliding doors. The company was founded out of the structural glazing market, where it became clear that homeowners wanted to merge their inside and outside spaces and not necessarily see their doors and windows. When you have a beautiful living space and outside area, minimally framed sliding doors allow you to bring your view inside, and also bring the comforts of inside, out. All our minimally framed doors are unobtrusive, slimline and flush, so whether your sliding doors are open or closed, your view will not be hindered by chunky frames.

We are proud to bring our Vision minimally framed sliding doors to the market. Please click here for full product details. You are also welcome to download our product brochure here.

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Minimally framed sliding doors: your view is what matters.