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Every project comes with its unique views and features depending on your surroundings. Architectural Vision has a way of creating something unique by embracing the project so that the glass does not just become a seamless part of the home but a central feature. The beauty of glass is that it comes in all shapes and sizes to maximize your views!  Using glass can make a project look sleek, whilst complementing other features to give your project added sophistication to its overall design.

Sea views window

Take a look at this beach house project. The house refurbishment in a prime location of heavily regenerated seafront of Margate has received a seamless glass corner over two levels encompassing the sea views across the sandy coastline towards the newly developed Turner Contemporary Art gallery. The high spec design called for a light open plan living space commissioning glass floor panels and a composite glass and teak staircase.

Views glass doors

The guest house sits secluded among a vast density of beautiful trees and foliage allowing the opportunity for the boundless glass envelope that engages the occupant with the exquisite surroundings. Minimally framed sliding door system and fixed screen panels, largest array (W 6060mm / H 2450mm).

Let Architectural Vision make the most of your views. If you have a project that you would like Architectural Vision to be involved in please send us a message to