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Have you ever wanted a chic place to entertain guests at home? Something that was a bit unique and original, where you could bring the outdoors in? It is no secret that a glass room can change your homes appearance and value.  A multi-functional glass room that take centre stage or blend seamlessly into the garden, they can be both beautiful and practical at the same time.

Chic glass doorsA glass room can come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the size of your outdoor space your surroundings and budget. At Architectural Vision we use the smallest of sightlines to achieve an effortlessly sleek outlook. Our glass rooms aim to make a smooth transition to the outside with full glazing providing unobstructed views. Whereas just considering a conservatory they have disturbing frames and do not give that clear visibility. As wells as just a glass room, depending on your design it can open up to an open air patio space by using our premium sliding door systems. The beauty of these designs are that in the future they have the flexibility to extend due to the modular design parts that can be put together allowing you change your space. This also allows flexibility creating your space in stages which can make it more affordable by spreading the installation. So in theory choosing a full glass installation over a conservatory or brick built extension as these would need to be done all in one go. Glass structures are measured to the millimetre on site, this means that installation is quicker and well-organized with fewer errors.

Chic glass patioA structural glass room is now one of the most modern and chicest additions to your home across the UK. Isn’t it easy to see why? Architectural vision can create you a contemporary room that you can entertain in all year round whilst adding something special and value to your property.

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