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Natural light is one of the most prized features your house or project can possess. Everybody would love their home to be bright and full of light for plenty of reasons the obvious being able to cut electric light. But it also gives a sense of happiness, well-being; a connection with the outside. The majority of clients want their project to be bright and airy but this is easier said than done. Seems like a simple task but when in fact light is like a child it never sits still and unpredictable for example the time of day effects light, the seasVision Sliding doorson and the weather. Yet the sun itself can be systematic and when designing your project, you can take advantage of that certainty. An architect when taking on a project will automatically strive to get as much light far into a project as possible. But yet at the same time side-stepping glazing down falls such as the suns glare, being too open so the client does not have a lot of privacy and the home getting too warm, along with following all protocols of Building Regulations.

Bi folds or Vision Sliding Doors

So bifold doors have held the limelight for some time now this modern way of opening your home up to the outside but yet they might not always be right for your project. Whilst they remain popular within the industry according to ‘Build it Magazine’ over the last 12 months there has bVision bifold doorseen a rise in sliding doors. The increase is due to the technology that has moved on leaps and bounds with this product. Deciding on which product to go for is completely down to the customer or client’s choice. But at Arcvis we encourage you to make the decision on what will create a strong pictorial and physical connection with the inside and out. A bifold when open will reveal 90 % clear uninterrupted outside view verses a wider area of glass uninterrupted whenminimal framed sliding doors doors are shut as sliders can be made much wider achieving a sleeker minimal look when closed. Also when open they do not take up any more space, living in the UK a lot of the time doors will be closed. Here at Arcvis flush tracks are a preferable option, along with different variations on how they open. Give your project ‘the edge’ visit our product and quotation page we offer 20mm sightlines and we are competitive within the market too on price and our product specification is never compromised. Whether your project is contemporary, modern city living or period style there are ‘views’ waiting to be beautifully engineered into something that offers you a seamless transition between the in and outside.