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So this is what we do, sliding doors. Not just any sliding doors but our Vision doors are frame less with 20mm sightlines one of the smallest measures of sightlines available on the market today. We have made it really easy for you to get an idea on how to budget for these in your project and different configurations by looking on our website at our new quote calculator and downloading our new e-brochure directly.

Incorporating highly efficient double glazing and thermally broken aluminium profiles with pvcu insets. Our doors boost the smallest of vertical sightlines which does not hinder the thermal efficiency. Allowing as much daylight into your property as possible which is the modern architecture of today. Featuring a multipoint locking system which again conceals itself within the vertical profiles providing clean lines and high security. The base and head of the doors have been beautifully engineered to be incorporated into the building fabric giving a flush threshold to the base and seamless look to the head. From us personally at Architectural Vision and previous customers/suppliers feel very strongly about when choosing us to be involved in your project is  we fabricate in house here in the UK.

Our vision doors solve that barrier between quirky shaped plots when designing a project for daylight. For example the project below an urban Victorian Terrace; most terraces tend to be darker and smaller out the back soRush-Hill 2 by featuring more glass this can create a lighter airier living space. This project features our a vision sliding doors with a flush thresh hold and boosts large almost seamless panels of glass. Daylight can dictate the use and layout of any room, take advantage of the light and sun without letting the inside over heat with solar control glazing.


When choosing materials, aluminium is strong and light. This is what creates the uninterrupted slim frames between the indoors and outdoors making it a very popular choice for the modern day build. A powder coated finish can be specified to choose a particular colour. But in most cases the standard aluminium colour of Anthracite Grey (RAL7016) is generally favoured. A glass opening will always give you a physical connection with the outside and at Architectural Vision we are always excited to take on new projects that might be a little out the ordinary and imaginative; if we haven’t done it yet we will try and find a way to make your dreams possible. AV