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Our professional team possess’s a range of experience and knowledge on architectural glazing solutions and are Kitchen minimal sliding doorhappy to advise on any project. With a commitment to evolving design and being the forefront of glazing technology why look anywhere else for your sliding door needs… these 10 top tips will give you a quick run down on why sliders are the best choice for you!

  1. Ask us to see finished projects, request photos, visit a project or our showroom just to see how good they really are.
  2. Look at the safetPatio glass doorsy features on the doors ours feature multi point locking.
  3. Having an approved installer is a must to ensure that doors are installed correctly and efficiently.
  4. Sliding doors are exceptionally good if space is limited as they do not need extra room unlike bi-folds as the movement occurs within the depth of the wall. Which is convenient if theres limited space such as a balcony.
  5. Giving your project a ‘daylight strategy.’ Formulating a daylight strategy is key as natural light is one of the best things your project can possess for many reasons. Have a read off Modern Living Perfectly Engineered.
  6. Why compromise and use other materials? Slim frame aluminium unite sleek design, high energy performance and u-values that will suit both new builds and refurbishments. The powder coated finish can usually be specified in any colour.
  7. The individual panels can be much wider which therefore creates a sleeker minimal look.
  8. The flush threshold means that activities can spill outdoors in warmer weather. The sliders can move either side so there is intended flexible partitions creating a sense of openness and lightness. Removing the divides between outside and inside whilst maintaining the comfort of modern living.
  9. Multiple configurations can be requested- opening corners, pocket doors or even automated options are available.
  10. and lastly at AVS  20mm sight lines come as standard, whats not to like about those! Av