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What a week it was, for anyone who doesn’t know we were at 100%Design and Homebuilding & Renovating Show. Our Vision Sliding Doors were greatly received by visitors at both exhibitions.image4

100% Design 2016 the UK’s largest commercial design show saw us situated in the Design & Build area. The shows theme ‘experience’ played a huge aspect in this years design thinking and development according to show director William Knight. Exploring on how well people respond to products, spaces and materials, we defiantly bought this to the show, through our experiences and commitment to product development of our system. Having made new partnerships, meeting perspective clients, generating more and sustaining our brand100-design-stand awareness this exhibition allowed us to do so. This exhibition for us demonstrated professionalism, diversity and quality as we take glazing to a whole new level with our Vision Sliding Doors. We actively encourage you to get in contact if you need more information on our doors or a project you may be working on.

You experienced our design and we experienced 100% Design. Thank you for having us and we look forward to next year!




Some would say we were quite ambitious for taking on two exhibitions in the one week but yet we welcomed the challenge. Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2016 – the capitals greatest annual event for home improvers! There were over 350 suppliers all there to shape and style your home! Along with giving great advice, ideas and ambition for your home or project. We meet a lot of people who could not wait to show or tell us their designs and ideas. What is important is working to a budget (if you visited the self build theatre David Snell included homebuilding-and-renovating-standthis in his talk.) What worked brilliantly on the day for all those home improvers is we were able to give on the spot quotations for their Vision Sliding Doors and for those who needed more details we have sent them all this information and a more in depth quotation. We strongly believed that investing more time in your research, planning and decision making the more you will get from your budget! We have found this too; being committed to our research and product design resulted in getting brilliant feedback from visitors on the day. If you know size of your opening then take a look now by following this Vision Sliding Door link. The exhibition was full of knowledge from industry experts and our product was part of a great show. Again we made some fabulous client contacts and great potential partnerships.

Thank you to everyone who came and saw us at both exhibitions, we are busy working through all the quotations and everyone who requested further information. We look forward to many more exhibitions and if you didn’t happen to see our Vision Sliding Doors please call to make an appointment to see our showroom. AV