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The days of “doing up” your home or project cheaply to either turn it around quickly or think it will add profit and creditbility to you home are long gone.  Adding value to your home, enchancing your property so that it is place of pleasure its not just simply a home or a clients project. A home in todays world we design around our hectic lives to create some peace and traquility for either family, social or relaxation time.

Investing in a state of the art sliding doors system, looks beyond the traditional patio door, for maximum day light and all year round uninterrupted views of the garden will be worth it!

Think of this not just a door set but a part of your overall architectural design a feature if you will. Gone of the days of just a patio door. With our range of Vision Sliding Doors with 20mm sight lines they create an elegant and sophisticated design. Removing the barriers between the inside and out conMinimal sliding doorsnecting your living space with your garden and the outside but literally having your bespoke patio doors disappear into the wall you can bring the outdoors in. Living in Britain, the weather is always quite comprising. If your eve
ning gets chilly or through winter months you can close off the doors but yet sitting in the comfort of the inside in the warm and still see outside with unrestricted barriers or frames to ruin your glass of wine with a view.


Which leads me nicely… what is more elegant than a large expanse of glass not blocked by ugly large frames but slim beautiful aluminium profiles. With AVS being at the forefront of technology and to its advantage having a wealth of knowledge and experience behind product design and development. We have the latest luxury sliding doors with multiple configurations, moving posts and the size of your opening being no issue. They glide seamlessly along their tracks effortlessly. But for light, an all-year-round uninterrupted view of your garden what more could you ask for and after all your home deserves with a little bit of aspiration don’t you think? AV