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The Wee House, was a great project to be involved in. This is a great example of modern architecture allowing natural light to poor straight in. As you can see in the first image the roof light, not just a great feature to look at but natural light is one of the most prized features your house/project can process. This image reflects a calming connection with the outside and an uninterrupted sky view. Vision Rooflights can be installed in any shape or size, solar control coatings canwee-house be applied to the roof lights to increase efficiency of the glass to keep the most sunniest of areas at a comfortable temperature. Frameless, no problem because AVS can finish horizontal roof lights as neat as possible to achieve a seamless look. Rooflights  provide a talking point and are a visual delight and again we pull out the “wow factor.”

It is really important to us that we fulfil the needs for the clients and consider ourselves immensily proud of the work that we achieve when we see finished images of our work. At AVS we believe that glass is the future of home and commercial enhancements.  Our roof lights are manufactwee-house-2ured using high quality glass and materials and are built in a modern contemporary style but yet even suiting the most traditional of projects. If your designing a home in quiet seaside resort or in a busy built up city bespoke glazing is an element that should be considered right from the very start and included in your acrchitectiral plans right from the very beginning.

Using a bespoke structural glazing product can add real value to your project in many different ways. The problem with standard glazing is everybody else has it and access to the same range of products so your build starts to blend with everyone else’s. This is one thing that The Wee House does not do its glazing from the outside looking in does not
reflect strwee-house-3andard “off the peg” windows. It doesn’t matter how imaginative and creative you can be the same range of products leads to very similar designs. By collaborating with AVS opens up a whole new range of glazing possibilities. If your project managing yourself or working on behalf of a client creating unique glazing is an excellent way to put your stamp on the project or add value to your projects to entice new business as a result of your design and innovation. Bespoke exterior glazing is the way forward, who wants “copies” when you can have something original. Hadn’t considered roof lights or bespoke glazing before? Get in touch we can help you out! AV


Photographs by David Butler Photography