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When it comes down to choosing colour for your doors, windows or roof lights. It is quite a vital part of the process when purchasing. Whether you are a working on behalf of client, choosing the doors for your own home or the choice of colour is for a commercial building. Here at AVS our stock colours which most but not all choose; are RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey) and 9005 (Jet Black). On the RAL colour spectrum the doors are marketed with a colour ch0ice of nearly 200. Various reports online state that 2000 shades can be achieved! Then you have to ask yourself is it a matte finish you wish to achieve or do you want a gloss finish? Each classic RAL colour has a four digit number those within the industry will know by the first number what the colour will be. Generally we would use RAL 7*** and 9***, that comprises of grey, blacks and whites.

So when we say that our Aluminium Vision Sliding Doors can be virtually any colour we do actually mean it…The powder coating process is over 50 years old and has evolved in metallics, dual colours, specialist finishes and matching consumer paints.

What we do say here at AVS even though there is wide colour range picking a shade that will not date or go out of fashion is the way forward.

Follow the link to the RAL chart website and have a think what colour you would choose when you fill out our online quote calculator.