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2017, are you considering changing your doors in your home? A new extension? Or just changing your bifold doors to something sleeker more modern? Not all but some of the glazing market have not yet recognised that customers are wanting this product as a “door option” you only need to type #slidingdoors, #framelessslidingdoors in social media and you can see the projects being carried out around with this option of glazing (why your there be sure to check out AVS.)  We change our cars; we trade them for an upgrade as technology and style moves on this is same with home renovating we all want the best product our budget allows us too. This is the feedback from taking our doors to the commercial and trade shows in 2016 that the glazing technology has moved on from the bifold fashion? (You can see us at Grand Designs, Fit Show and 100% Design this year.) Can we call glazing a fashion? I think we can as fashions change and develop with the times as well as our homes do too. They also say a lot about ourselves and as we all lead busier lifestyles working and socially; our homes need to be designed around us. Grey Toon Architectural Designer, says “the secret to home design is all about the positions of rooms and their relationship to each other, the details of how a room is laid out in terms of doors, windows and furniture are all the key to the best home lay out.” (full article is in Realhomes online.) At AVS we couldn’t agree more. Vision Sliding Doors, replacing the bifold will reduce the sight lines, let the light in and space save. Visually 20mm sight lines and slim aluminium profiles will do one of two things create a feature or compliment/blend with all buildings from new builds to a Victorian home renovations. Our Vision sliders tend to have the effect of seeing more of what you want to see, your view not your window or door. With bifolds these would need to be open to have that broom-fielduninterrupted view.

You as the home owner or your client may not have considered other glazing options to open the back of their home or project. Different glazing options can provide different aesthetics but have the same function. We need to discuss the pros of bifolding doors as every home, customer and budget is different but what we will say is do not compromise what you want the finished project to look like or achieve; if sliders are what you want work in stages to afford exactly what you do want. Bifolding doors are one of the best known products to remove the barrier between inside and outside as they fold all the way back (consider the space they take up when folded back?) but most of the time they will be shut and used a windows.

Sliding frameless doors sometimes referred too as “panoramic sliding doors” are fitted showing the bare minimum frame which is the minimalist look most want to achieve; along with multiple configurations and larger sized panels for maximum glass area compared to a conventional sliding patio doors they are far more superior. At the beginning of your project have you considered speaking with your contractor as sliding doors can be installed so they recess into the wall? Our sliding door system is designed to do this. Not all sliding doors on the market are designed to do this so make sure you have done your homework before choosing a sliding door supplier. If you are glazing company looking for a new supplier or a customer looking to do their own home renovation aluminium doors offer flexibility and design choice. The desire of one of kind designs and sizes are available at AVS send us your project we have it all covered, designed and manufactured in the UK. AVS

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