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We all at some point fear change! Changing suppliers can potentially cause disruption or learning a new method might be time consuming but now our current customer are glad they made that transition. There are four main reasons why companies change suppliers and these are; to solve a problem, to make an improvement, compliance and price. At AVS we know exactly where you are coming from as we were a company founded straight out of the structural glazing market and we faced the same dilemmas you have. We have comprised a list of reasons why choosing AVS is a positive “slide” in the right direction.

1. 4-6 week lead time for Vision Sliding Doors with 20mm sightlines

2. 24 hour quotation turn around

3. Unbranded brochures available for you to add your logo too

4. Dedicated technical team for your queries, advice and ongoing support

5. Complementary installation help on first order

6. Doors available for your showroom

7. Competitively priced within the industry and quality never compromised.

8. Gives you customer a more modern option to bi-folds (if you do not offer a sliding door system as of yet)

9. Multiple configurations available (please refer to our brochure)

10. Use our quick quote calculator on the website as a guide for your supply and install quotations see how was compare to your current supplier.

Any enquires please email