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We are seeing changes in all areas of our lives. Our cars are now embracing the cleaner technology of electricity in a manner unforeseen a decade ago, with electric motor driven cars now leading innovation as to what a car can do. We now have unmanned flight delivery services where pilotless drones can deliver our packages through the skies. We have fridges and freezers that can tell us when our food is coming close to its best before date and propose menus to use the food. Our electricity and gas meter readings can be sent wirelessly to our service providers without anyone having to find or read a meter and our music it transferred through the air at our request, simply prefixed by the word ‘Alexa’. Our heating can now be controlled from our smart phones and we can monitor our homes via cctv apps.

These changes seem to creep up on us, but soon become an essential part of life. How many of us would now miss the convenience of being able to press a button and our car boot open automatically when are hands are full, and then when we have loaded our luggage, we press the same button to close the boot? Put in the context of a wonderful, grey, damp and rainy English summer this is less a luxury and more a necessity. 

The smart home era is now upon us, and with this in mind we need to consider the future. It is clear that the smart phone and the ‘app’ will be key to controlling our living environment. This has proved successful already with appliances within the house that already have an electrical connection and electrical operation.

Now we look to the other elements of the house. This is the area where it becomes a little more complicated since if there is no electrical control then there is no possibility that it can be controlled. We therefore believe that despite current builds do not needing and generally not expecting smart phone control of there doors, it is only a matter of time before this requirement becomes the norm.

With this in mind we are proud to announce that from April 2018 we will be offering a future proofed door. This door will have the profiles and recesses for our drive belts and machining for the control boards ready for the addition of our very successful full motorisation and locking at the time that suits the project, whether 6 months or 6 years down the line.

Look out for full details of this at Grand Designs Live.