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Drainage gullies. A necessity but a new architectural challenge! We spend time deciding our internal floor finishes, and our external floor finishes. We minimise the impact the doors will have on our flooring by specifying a flush thresholds and try to create the inside, outside flush feel.

Then to the drainage.  

This is an area where we seem to have been saddled with a one size fits all approach. The systems are generally founded out of the need to remove water from large areas of concrete (Public carparks) and leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the finesse expected in the home patio area. There are products more refined for the home, which work well in small openings. These are very refined if not a little pricy but are let down on our larger openings by the the supplied lengths, which could result in multiple joints and loose covers.

We believe we have an elegant solution to this challenge. Since we have a channel for our doors to slide in, and the drainage gully is a slot to collect water, why not bring both together. Already available on our motorised door, and to be launched at ‘100% detail olympia’ for our manual door we introduce the Uninterrupted threshold.