Sliding doors

Vision doors are frameless sliding doors using the glass to create the stability. Incorporating highly efficient double glazing and thermally broken aluminium profiles with pvcu insets, the door system provides the smallest of vertical sight lines at 20mm and exceptional thermal efficiency. Allowing for as much daylight into the home as possible, a key concept in all modern architecture
Multi point locking, with keeps set within vertical profiles designed to be concealed with the walls provide clean lines and high security The base and head of the doors have been designed to be incorporated into the building fabric giving a flush threshold to the base and a seamless look to the head.

With multiple configurations available – your imagination is the limit. If we haven’t done it, we will try and find a way to make your dreams possible.


  • Doors able to slide either ways – no need to decide what side to open from
  • Opening corners available
  • Sliding into pockets available
  • 20mm sight lines
  • Multi point locking
  • Up to 4 tracks
  • Automated option
  • Slot drainage available

You can download our full brochure in pdf format here


To view the products in the flesh. We attend many exhibitions throughout the year. So those around the country can easily see us! Whilst these are great, nothing beats visiting the showroom to see a wider range of products and the factory they are built in! Contact us now